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Random idea -- Have fun!

I don't have time to enter this challenge.. considering there are only 7 days left and I'm 24/7 hacking away on something else for the next 4 weeks.. but if any of you 48 hour developers don't have an idea and are interested in entering..

What about pulling in news stories, popular pictures (with captions for query), and other consumable media and having a "media mash showdown" where users can vote which story they found more informative, which picture they found more appealing, etc.

Or, for you political types, maybe take the different articles/etc and strip them of identifying information.. and have users vote on which media outlet they believe it came from. Thought provoking at least?

Anyway.. back to my redbull scented cave.

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    Both of which could take that and datamine it into another application. "See the most popular news from today.. and the most popular VERSIONS of the news".. and as a side effect it would also show how different a story can read depending on who wrote it

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