Think-Do Tank Mashup Cybersecurity Dashboard

What do you do when you are being hacked, spoofed or zombied, or faced with identity theft/fraud, stolen data, or like FBI and DOJ your website has been brought down... Come to Think-Do Tank Mashup Cybersecurity Dashboard for knowledge and action steps. The 5th Estate megatrend integrates the communications spectrum combining multiple data sources in new ways that drive accountability. Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. has mashed-up academic networks, research databases, ebooks, un-conferences and entity ratings. Cyberspace is a borderless, 5th domain with risks that affect us as citizens, businesses, economy and government.This dashboard web app uses 16 distinct feeds including Wired Magazine to highlight Cybersecurity Issues, activities and interests which span cyberhygiene to cybercrime to cyberwar. Website attacks and social media crimes are spiking despite big name companies - even those whose very business is security - spending billions of dollars in response to data breaches. Media innovation is stymied by threats to infrastructure, networks, the cloud, and enterprise data. Some of the latest threats are low tech entering via phone, human frailty or social media privacy defaults. It’s important that we each understand the risks as well as the actions we can take to help protect our information and systems. Unlike other apps, this one is both tactical and strategic from a survival global and NYC perspective. On a positive note, there are opportunities in the cybersecurity industry which is growing and profitable. All users of this self-expanatory app, will receive ongoing, updated insights to help you be bigger, bolder, better.

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